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Wax Week: Photo Encaustic

Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2019. 5-days, Sat-Wed, 10-4, $850 (2 spots left)

Oct. 26 - 30, 2019. 5-days, Sat-Wed, 10-4, $850 (1 spot just opened)

Every year I hear from students who want to take my encaustic workshops but either live too far away to fly in for just one or two days or prefer a more immersive environment where they can learn many techniques in a short time.

With this in mind I offer 5-day intensive workshops that combine some of my most popular classes with some brand new techniques that will keep you creating new work for years to come.

In this class we'll focus on combining encaustic with photography while focusing on hand coloring with pastels, pigment sticks and artists crayons, layering photos with encaustic collage, adding depth to your work, pouring wax over your photographs and finding your own unique look for these creative processes.

This Wax Week workshop is easily accessible for someone with little or no experience in working with encaustic, but will also offer rich, personalized instruction for those who have more experience. I keep my class sizes very small, a maximum of 6 students, so everyone can learn at their own pace. This allows me to help introduce beginners to this new medium and still challenge more experienced artists with advanced tips and techniques.

Here's what we'll cover: Most supplies will be provided including all encaustic medium, encaustic paint, brushes, paper, small boards, boxes and basic encaustic tools. Students will be asked to bring a few panels of their choice no larger than about 11 x 14 for additional experimentation in combining the techniques you'll learn.

I'll have some photographs available for you use in class so you won't have to worry about preparing any images if you prefer not to, but about 2 months before class begins I will send instructions on how to prepare your own imagery. Space is limited to 6 students and classes tend to fill very quickly.

Traveling to join us? If you're not familiar with Portland here's a list of hotels, transportation options and sightseeing.

Layered Photo Collage

Bring photographs, drawings and lightweight ephemera to layer into your paintings. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to collage with wax instead of glue to incorporate papers, dried plants and even small objects. Don't worry if you haven't tried anything like this before, the medium is very forgiving. I'll have lots of collage materials available for you to play with and you can work in any style you choose.

Hand Coloring Waxed Photos

Hand coloring is a fun way to revitalize vintage photos or make new ones look older. The look you achieve depends on your color choices so you can make your images look very contemporary too. For this technique we'll use pigment sticks and pastels to add color to black and white photographs. The best part? If you don't like the color you can easily remove it until the end when we set it with heat!

Transfers with Photos, Drawings and Rubbings

Transferring images and drawings onto wax gives crisp magical look or a beautifully rustic effect depending on which method you use. Bring your favorite images or drawings in various sizes and I'll help you copy them onto the appropriate paper for each type of transfer. With some practice you can even overlap several transfers between layers of wax while painting in between them. We'll use a torch to fuse these so if you're not familiar with using one you'll learn that too.

Pouring Wax

Pouring wax is quick and easy but you need to know a few technical tricks to make sure your work lasts. This class will be dedicated to the variety of ways you can pour wax to achieve beautiful results with photography. I'll show you some different ways to approach pouring wax and we'll apply them to incorporate photography, collage, drips, stencils and anything else we conjure up as a creative group.

Personal Projects

This is where it all comes together and you can combine all the techniques introduced during the week to create work unique to your vision. We'll start off the day with a short presentation on Taking Your Paintings from Start to Finish (finishing, framing, signing and shipping your work), then you'll work on whatever projects you prefer. Consider this a directed open studio, where I'll work with each of you individually to answer questions you might have about techniques we've covered, how to set up your studio at home, etc. Use this time to complete projects from earlier in the week or start new ones to continue after you return home full of new ideas!

Hotels and Transportation

If you're not from Portland here's a list of hotels, transportation options and sightseeing.

How To Register

Confirmation, directions to my studio and additional information will be emailed to each student upon registration.

By taking all 5 days students will save almost 15% off the full price of the classes.

Register for Wax Week: Photo Encaustic

If you have trouble registering online please contact me at (503) 348-9139 or waxx@ Classes must be paid for in full by cash, check or credit card prior to the start date of the class. When your payment is received you will be emailed a confirmation notice, additional information about the classes and a map to my studio in NE Portland.

Here's why you should come visit me in Portland!

Cancellation and Liability Policies

  • Cancellation at least 60 days before the class date = full refund minus $100 cancellation fee or you may change to another class.
  • Cancellation less than 60 days before the class date = full refund minus a $150 cancellation fee only if the space is filled by another paying student.
  • No show = no refund.
  • By registering for this class you agree to assume all responsibility for non-refundable expenses including but not limited to travel and lodging. Travel insurance is encouraged.
If the workshop is canceled by the instructor, you will receive a full refund. If another instructor must be substituted for Linda Robertson due to illness or emergency you will have the option to attend the class with the substitute instructor or cancel/reschedule without penalty.

Should any injuries occur during or as a result of participation in any class or workshop, the registered student agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Linda Robertson and all employees, instructors and volunteers connected with Linda Robertson Arts.

Instructor Linda Robertson

Image Transfers

Hand Coloring Waxed Photos

Pouring Wax

Layered Photo Collage

Image Transfers

Layered Photo Collage

Personal Projects

Pouring Wax

Hand Coloring Waxed Photos

Lunch Under the Trees

Not sure what to expect? View blog entries to see photos from my classes. My private studio is located in NE Portland, Oregon. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

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