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Photo Encaustic Community:

Your Magical Lens

I love teaching, especially when I see artists get excited about learning something new! So I've completely re-imagined one of my most popular subjects: Encaustic & Photography. Your Magical Lens is a fresh view on this versatile subject.

In this adventurous online community, we'll combine encaustic and mixed media with your personal photographs. We'll sidestep common technical challenges and concentrate on the two techniques I find most useful: several methods of hand coloring before and after waxing, and reworking parts of your photographs as collage elements with additions of texture and translucency.

To get an idea of what we create in YOUR MAGICAL LENS watch the recording of our recent photo encaustic exhibit! Get inspired by these artists excellent work, in a wide variety of styles.


Each session will include a new activity or demonstration, and often an assignment for the week. These may include:
  • Photo challenges that will encourage bold experimentation
  • Encaustic and mixed media techniques that will make your images pop
  • Exciting ways to loosen up and create art anywhere
  • The benefits of a regular art practice
  • A peek into what life as a professional artist is really like
  • Insight into how I work in my own studio
Experience with basic encaustic painting is necessary to get the most out of Your Magical Lens, but you don't need to be an expert. If you are confident painting with encaustic on your own then you'll be at the right level for this class. The lessons offer rich, personalized instruction that also challenges painters with more encaustic experience to consider advanced ideas and techniques.


If you're feeling like you can't seem to move forward on your own, there's a reason for that. You need dedicated time to explore your art. During Your Magical Lens, you'll be setting aside time each week to do just that. I've been helping artists with this type of creative growth for years, and I'd love you to join us. Most of us learn more quickly in groups, so let's experiment surrounded by new friends.

>> Here's what artists are saying about YOUR MAGICAL LENS <<


I have so much knowledge to share, and truthfully we all do. Just like in my studio classes, we'll brainstorm together so you'll be a part of the conversation instead of just watching a video on how someone else does it.

Working within a supportive community makes a huge difference in how quickly you progress, so join us in Your Magical Lens each week for a friendly nudge in the right direction. A private Facebook group will be our playhouse, where you'll post your work and be able to discuss it with artists from anywhere in the world.

  • Your latest paintings are better than you've ever hoped, and you have a solid plan to make them even better;
  • You're inspired to try new techniques, not just with encaustic but also with your photography;
  • New exercises are taking you out of your comfort zone a bit, but it's OK because you have a friendly group of artists ready to cheer you on as you share your latest work;
These are my goals for you in Your Magical Lens, and what I can help you find through this community. I will introduce you to the tools you need to get there, and in return I ask you to commit to our journey and approach it with an open mind and a positive attitude.

QUESTIONS? Visit the FAQ page for more detailed information.


This is the perfect time to invest in yourself! Your Magical Lens is an easy way to provide structure for your creative needs, while having something to look forward to with friends on a regular schedule. I'm excited for you to join us. Register early as spaces are limited!

Registration is open now, and the next course runs from Oct. 2 - Nov. 20, 2021; and Jan. 8 - 29, 2022.*

* All students will also receive immediate access to my Encaustic Painting & Texture video-based class. This bonus class includes information on purchasing encaustic materials, how to set up your studio, and demonstrations on how to paint and add texture with encaustic wax.

If you are new to the medium or just want a refresher, this is the perfect companion class to get you ready to start with us. This video class is included in the price of your registration and available as soon as you claim your spot.


Your investment for this 12-week course is just $595 USD, and includes:
  • 4 hours of group instruction each month
  • Unique photography challenges
  • Technique demonstrations
  • Opportunities to share your work
  • Intuitive painting exercises to encourage experimentation
  • Invitations to create together in real-time
  • Resources for creative inspiration
  • Encouragement and accountability to keep you focused
  • A creative community to answer questions and keep you motivated
  • Unlimited access to my Encaustic Painting & Texture video class
  • Show your art in our online group show
  • Additional options available for private mentoring sessions

We will meet at 4 pm PST on most Saturdays. The sessions will alternate weekly between 90-minute demonstrations and 30-minute Q&A style community calls, starting with an overview of the course and a live painting demonstration.

Most weeks will include live Zoom sessions, and will be recorded and made available for download. A few bonus activities may be delivered via video, Facebook, or email when it's more appropriate. You'll get a more detailed schedule when you register, so you'll know what's coming up.

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QUESTIONS? Visit the FAQ page for more information and class meeting schedules.

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Should any injuries occur during or as a result of participation in any class or workshop, the registered student agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Linda Robertson and all employees, instructors and volunteers connected with Linda Robertson Arts.

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