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Your Magical Lens
Artist Testimonials

Here's what artists are saying about YOUR MAGICAL LENS:

Linda Robertson's Your Magical Lens course was an amazing opportunity to jump start my creativity while also meeting a lovely group of artists from around the world. Linda's technical offerings helped me up my game both my encaustic and also my mixed media work. The zoom sessions were welcoming and friendly and the students in the Facebook group were very open and engaged with sharing and lively conversations. I would recommend this class for all artists at any stage of their practice. We were always learning something new. It really was a Magical Lens!   ~ Bethany from Canada

Linda is a real champion of her students. She instinctively gets what our unique styles are and cheers us on. I've had a few art teachers and Linda is really gifted at honoring where her students are at and what they're trying to accomplish. That feels really freeing as a student and she gives us the confidence to move forward. Linda is also just a wonderful person with an infectious smile and sense of optimism. She's created a true community in which everyone is welcome!   ~ Shari from Oregon

I have wanted to learn about photo encaustic for years and Linda's expertise with this medium has given me more that what I was looking for. The live demos coupled with Linda's natural ease in teaching have left no questions unanswered. While there were no "musts" the homework suggestions keep me painting when otherwise, "life" might have pulled me away from heating up the griddle. It's been nice to have a group of fellow travelers too!   ~ Mary from Washington

Need some positive, creative energy? That is Linda Robertson. Not only is she a naturally gifted teacher, but she also attracts others who eschew positive creative energy, which makes a safe, fun, creative space. With considerable artistic experience, Linda's knowledge level is appreciated, as well as her willingness to help students recover from unintentional results. She reminds us that it is part of the learning process, and she makes it feel fun and exploratory. Linda's own art is exquisite, and it gives students confidence that they are in good hands.   ~ Sue from Oregon

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